How to Check the Expiration Date of a Car Tire in Nigeria

When it comes to cars, Tires are very vital for its functionality, this is because it; supports the weight of the car, keeps the car  from sliding when it rains, helps prevent accidents ,maintains and helps it change its direction of travel. It is important for all car users to pay good attention to the tires on their vehicles so as to know when it is expired and needs to be changed. Unfortunately most Nigerian car owners either do not know how to check a tire’s expiry date or do not know the importance of checking their vehicle tires expiry date and this has led to many unfortunate incidents on the road; an average of 4 years is the life span of a tire.

Checking a tire’s expiry date is important for the following reasons;

  • It helps prevent sudden accident on the road
  • It gives the driver information on when to replace the old tire with a new one
  • It keeps the driver and road users free from unexpected harm caused by tire explosion on the road
  • It helps the driver from having his/her vehicle impounded by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)



Steps on How to Check a Tires’ Expiration Date

Like every other goods produced, the life span of a tire is calculated from the date of manufacture which is usually written on its side; this date is usually included in the U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) code strings; an average of 4 years is the life span of a tire. Follow the steps below to know how to check your tire’s expiry date:

1ST STEP: Locate the long DOT code written in the sides of the tire

2ND STEP: The date of manufacture is specified on the last three or four figures in the DOT string. Tires produced before the year 2000 are indicated by a three-digit tire manufacture code, whereas a four-digit at the end of the DOT specifies that the tires were produced from year 2000 onwards.

3RD STEP: If only three digits are seen at the end of the DOT, the first two digits shows the production week while the last digit specifies the production year E.g 126 means that the tire was produced on the 12th week in the year 1996 meaning that the tire will expire on the 12th week of the year 2000.

4th STEP: If only four digits are written at the end of the DOT, the first two digits signifies the production week while the last two digits shows the production year


Checking of expiration dates and changing of tire sometimes does not guarantee its long lastingness, the recklessness of a driver can cause damage to the car or its tire even before its expiry. You can use the tips below to ensure proper maintenance of your tire’s quality in Nigeria:

  • Get a wheel alignment when necessary
  • Ensure to replace your tire with the right spec that fits your car
  • Run a thorough check on your tires every day before driving out, especially when going on long distant trips
  • It is advisable that you rotate your tires every 6,000 – 8,000 miles
  • Try to balance your wheels and tires when you feel the need to



Drivers should make it a point of duty to always check their tires expiry date before purchase as expired tires can sometimes be put out for sale. By so doing the risk of tire explosion on the high way when the car is on high speed will be reduced and the rate of accidents as well. Do well to refer back to this article and this page to learn more about how to check your tires expiry date and how to maintain it.


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