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Strong Decoder Guide In Nigeria 2021

Strong Decoder Guide In Nigeria: Strong Decoder is a good alternative to the popular but expensive to maintain DSTV decoder.

It is a decoder that receives Free-To-Air (FTA) interesting channels that could keep an eye glued to the television screen and your emotions lit while you also get informed.

Strong Decoder has been known to be the best FTA decoder in Africa, not just in Nigeria. Its price and features make it stand out.

In this Strong Decoder Guide In Nigeria, you will learn where you can buy the Strong decoder, the latest strong decoder price in Nigeria, the FTA channels on Strong decoder, their Nigeria contact details, and how you can watch DSTV channels for free on Strong decoder.

Types of  Strong Decoder and Their Prices In Nigeria

There are different models or types of strong decoders in Nigeria. The various available types of Strong decoder are:

  1. SRT 4935
  2. SRT 4672
  3. SRT 4940
  4. SRT 4950H
  5. SRT 4955B
  6. SRT 4922A
  7. SRT 4663XV
  8. SRT 4672II
  9. SRT 4675
  10. SRT 4675A
  11. SRT 4920
  12. SRT 4920A
  13. SRT 4922
  14. SRT 4922D+
  15. SRT 4930L
  16. SRT 4935II
  17. SRT 4950H
  18. SRT 4950M
  19. SRT 4953
  20. SRT 4955
  21. SRT 4957
  22. SRT 4962I

Before you attempt going to buy a Strong Decoder, It is needful for you to understand the various models of Strong decoder listed above.

Matching what you know with what you want will guide you when you want to go buy the decoder.

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As seen above, each model of Strong decoder is designated with SRT and a four-digit code attached to it. The price of the decoder also varies with the model and it rises as the features of a particular model get better.

Let’s take a look at some of the above-listed types of Strong decoders more closely, shall we?

1. SRT 4935: The price of this Strong decoder is pretty high anyway. On Jumia it costs N35,000. But for the fact that it is a free to air satellite decoder with great features, the price could be overlooked.

Like other Strong decoders, SRT 4935 is a MyTv approved receiver. It has 16 favorite channels groups with 6000 programmable channels.

It has On-Screen Display in 17 languages and parental lock features. It also displays in 1080p high definition.

2. SRT 4672: SRT 4672 has an on-screen display in 17 languages and parental lock feature. This Strong decoder has 7000 programmable channels with 16 favorite channels groups.

Channel sorting can be done alphabetically or by using transponders. This HD Strong decoder is sold on Konga at N26, 500.

3. SRT 4940: This Strong decoder has a video resolution of 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p time shift, record, and playback features.

It has up to 10,000 programmable channels. You can also do manual and auto channel search with this decoder. SRT 4940 also has so many other features that make it stand out from other Strong decoder models.

The price of SRT 4940 on Konga is N25,500, but on Jumia you can get it at N21,500.

4. SRT 4950H: Strong’s SRT 4950H has its own attractive features that have kept in the Nigerian market atmosphere.

It has 8000 programmable channels with 8 favorite channel groups with recording, time shift, and playback features via USB external mass storage device.

SRT 4950H has 2GB space with OSD (onscreen display) in 12 languages. The price of SRT 4950H on Jumia is N18,500.

5. SRT 4955B: The SRT 4955 has 8000 programmable channels and 1080p HD video resolution. It also has both manual and auto channel search with 8 favorite channel groups.

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Via USB external mass data storage device, you can perform time shift, recording, and playback functions. The price of SRT 4955B on Jumia Nigeria is N15,000.

6. SRT 4922A: Like the ones mentioned above, the SRT 4922A decoder is a free to air satellite channel decoder with unique features.

It has 16 favorite channels groups and 10,000 programmable channels and 1080p High definition. SRT 4922A is MPEG4 compliant with both manual and auto channel search.

Users can have access to parental control and electronic program features. The cost of SRT 4922A in Nigeria vary with vendors. On Jumia it sells at N10,800.

7. SRT 4663XV:  SRT 4663XV is also another Free To Air (FTA) satellite channels receiver decoder.

SRT 4663XV decoder has 10,000 Programmable Channels, with 16 Favorite Channels Groups, and it is DVB and MPEG-2 Compliant.

Other known features of SRT 4663XV Strong decoder include Time Shift, Record & Playback, Multi Picture Display, and Zoom, etc.

List of Strong Decoder Channels In Nigeria

There are many television channels receivable by Strong decoder. Most of them run religious programs and news with some on lifestyle and entertainment.

The various available channels on Strong decoder are:

  1. Angel TV
  2. FAPM TV
  3. Gabriele TV Africa
  4. NOVY TV
  5. KICC TV
  9. ABDN TV
  10. ABN TV
  11. BETV
  12. Believe TV
  14. School On-Air
  16. MADANI
  17. MERCY TV
  20. GOD TV
  22. OLIVE TV
  23. RAK TV
  25. PBN
  28. PRESS TV
  29. DOVE TV
  31. IFILM English
  33. El-Shaddai
  35. JCC TV
  36. BCS TV
  37. MFM TV
  39. ATV
  40. Salem Broadcastion
  42. BTV ENC B
  43. ACNN
  44. ACBN
  45. CVV
  46. ITVN
  47. OMEGA
  50. 3ABN
  52. MSG TV
  55. KLN
  56. RTM
  57. UBN
  58. WRS
  60. Holy Ghost
  61. CTV
  62. Lumen Christi TV
  63. Shekinah TV Sat
  64. AKWO
  66. Manifestation TV
  67. Victorious TV
  68. MARANATHA World TV
  69. GMTV
  70. Act TV
  71. Angelic TV
  72. Vodacom TEST
  73. Yadah TV
  74. OMEGA TV
  75. Champions of Fire TV
  77. Channels TV
  78. NTA
  79. TVC News
  80. Super Screen
  81. Galaxy TV
  82. Silverbird TV
  83. LTV
  84. MBI
  85. AIT
  86. Africa Movie Net
  87. COOL-TV

These channels are FTA channels receivable by Strong Decoder in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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Where To Buy Strong Decoder In Nigeria

Strong Decoder is popularly known in Africa. Nonetheless, in Nigeria where to buy an original Strong decoder at an affordable price can be a hitch when you do not have the right information.

In Nigeria, you can buy Strong Decoder from popular online shops like Jumia and Konga.

You can also buy Strong decoder from any trusted electric appliances shop in your locality.

Buy Strong Decoder from Jumia Here.

How To Watch Free DSTV Channels With Strong Decoder

Yes you can actually watch some DSTV channels with Strong decoder, but you must meet the minimum requirements listed below:

  1. You must have Strong decoder
  2. You must have DSTV dish or a pointer

When you have these ready you can watch Super Sports channels, entertainment channels, BBC, Aljazeera, CNN, and many other channels. Follow the easy steps below laid out:

1. Turn on your Strong decoder

2. Go to “Installation”

3. Enter your code (use ‘0000’ if you have not changed your code)

4. Select the esutsat 36° E

5. Save the settings and open the manual scan again

6. Now connect the DSTV dish cable to the Strong decoder

7. Go to where you mounted the DSTV dish and keep turning it until it shows a green blink. Knot it properly at that point. (You could place your friend with the decoder while you turn the dish).

8. Return to your TV screen and scroll down the channels available and you will discover the newly added channels.

How To Pair Strong Decoder With Your MYTV SMARTCARD

Follow these steps to pair your Strong decoder with MyTv smartcard:

  1. Find your decoder’s Serial Number and Code Number at the back of your decoder.
  2. Press the MENU button on your remote controller
  3. Select the ‘System Setting’
  4. Use 0000 as your password
  5. The code will appear at the bottom line of your screen
  6. Finally, click on MYTVPAIR to pair your decoder with the MyTv smartcard.

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Strong Decoder Nigeria Contact Details

If you are experiencing difficulty with your Strong Decoder and wish to contact Strong Decoder Solutions in Nigeria, the contact details below will help you do that.

Address: Plot 746, IDU Industrial Area, Phase 1, Abuja

They are just a ring away from you: +234 803 659 6590/1

Strong Decoder Service Centers in Nigeria

Strong decoder has service centers in major cities in Nigeria.

If your Strong Decoder is faulty, or you are having issues with your Strong Decoder, you can contact the strong decoder Service Center close to you, and they sure will help you fix it.

Check out the Strong Decoder Service Centers in Nigeria here.

Where to Buy Strong Decoder in Ghana

Strong decoder is also available in Ghana. Strong decoder channels in Ghana are the same as that of Nigeria.

Here is the list of Strong decoder channels in Ghana.

If you are in Ghana, you can buy Strong Decoder by visiting the Strong Decoder office address at House 10, 3rd Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana.

You can also contact Strong Decoder Ghana via phone simply by calling any of their numbers below:

Phone: +233 302 771 382
FAX: +233 302 786-502

That’s all on Strong decoder Nigeria guide. I hope this Strong Decoder Guide In Nigeria was helpful.



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  1. Am in Ghana and using strong decoder srt 4950h and can I watch free to air channels on Dstv. How to watch football on my strong decoder srt 4950h . this Euro 2021

  2. Why is it that Mytv strong decoder is not showing almost all the important channels? It started with mytv more and series but galaxy and some other once are showing too, what else are we going to watch and our subscription is going… Even there’s something going on didn’t you guys(mystrongtv) suppose let us know by displaying it as you use to… Or is it my own that is not functioning well?? Please i want know

  3. We have recharged the decoder all other channels are showing except for my TV series and my TV more…please what could be the cause and how can I solve it

  4. Valentine ugochukwu ezeoma

    When the decoder is showing 0000 without showing any other thing what will i do

  5. Nice Post bro, but it would have said more if you had used a tabular form with columns for model, price, features, supported encoding etc…someone like me just stumbled into this while searching for features of strong decoder and to know which and which model complies with the Hevc H265 system etc. My curiosity is still not satisfied… I may have to search elsewhere.

      1. It is a good work, but I doubt if we can watch super sports channels on strong decoders as was said in the post….. I need more explanation as I want to go for one strong decoder next week…

  6. Olateju Ibrahim

    Good afternoon brother!
    Kindly tell me more about STRONG DECODER. I wish to buy one for my family cos it’s a free to air stuff as there’s no light in my area (which makes buying DSTV etal a wrong choice).
    Is there no any Yorùbá movie Channel on it and is it possible not to have any xtian channel on it?

    Thanks for your anticipated response!

  7. My strong decoder is showing more of Christian channels and theirs no movie channel at all in it.pls how can the problem be solved so I can watch movies

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      How can l get Nigerian channels on my tv strong decoder model SRT 4954.
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    1. It is a good work, but I doubt if we can watch super sports channels on strong decoders as was said in the post….. I need more explanation as I want to go for one strong decoder next week…

  8. Please,Is I want to upgrade my srt4940 strong decoder to the latest software vision.can the upgrade be done at strong service center??

  9. My name is China. Please I’m just about to buy strongs decoder but I want to make sure that I won’t have issue.
    I have gone through the comments and found out that some of your customers are complaining, can you recommend for me the best model?
    I want dstv in my sitting room while the strong decoder will be in my bedroom, will it work well with the same dish?

    1. Pastor Olona O S

      I recently found my strong decoder model srt 4653x installed it but be able to found many channels include my tv promo, Hope international/hope Africa.what can i do or what happened.

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    Please, where should I take it to for proper repair? Thanks

    1. All MYTV decoders are great. However, their prices are different. So, it’s up to you to decide.

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