price of keke napep in nigeria

The Prices Of Different Keke Napep Brands In Nigeria 2020

The current price of Keke Napep in Nigeria.

Hello guys, in today’s article, I will be showing you the updated prices of different Keke Napep brands in Nigeria, (both new and used) in 2020.

I will also show you every other thing you should know and understand about Keke Napep, otherwise known as tricycle.

Hence, if you intend to buy Keke Napep or you already own one, if you want to understand the operations of Keke Napep and how you can put that knowledge into good use, then keep reading this article.

When it comes to what we commonly call “Town Service” in Nigeria, Keke Napep is always the name that comes to our minds.

It has become the commonly used means of transportation across cities, towns, and villages in Nigeria, performing the exact function that Okada used to perform, and even more.

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Because of the strategic role that Keke Napep has come to play in our daily lives in particular, and to the Nigerian economy in general, it becomes critical to write on this post, so as to show the end-users of this great means of transportation how they could put the use of Keke Napep into good use, in order to better their lot and much more.

However, before we proceed, it’s pertinent to first trace the history of tricycle or Keke Napep in Nigeria, in order to appreciate its present state. But before then, what is Keke Napep?

What Is Keke Napep?

Keke Napep or tricycle is any means of transportation that has three wheels, while two of the wheels are at the back, one is in the front of the cycle.

It is the most popular means of street transportation in the developing countries of Asia and Africa, most especially in Nigeria.

current price of keke napep in Nigeria

Keke Napep has become the peoples’ favorite means of local transportation in Nigeria due to the fact that it provides some level of stability, which was seriously lacking on motorcycles, otherwise known as Okada in Nigeria.

Just like Okada, Keke Napep can easily go through places that the normal car or bus can only dream of going to.

However, even when Keke Napep does not lay claim of being the safest means of local transportation in Nigeria, its safety level is still way better than that which was provided by Okada.

The History Of Keke Napep In Nigeria

According to Tricycle Museum, the first Keke Napep was first invented by Stephan Farffler in 1680, an innovative but disabled German, who told of ways of increasing his mobility.

Being a watchmaker, Farffler was able to invent a Keke Napep which was powered by a hand crank.

The invention of this basic Keke Napep was what led the foundation which other inventors built upon. Hence, the modern Keke Napep that we now enjoy here in Nigeria, and in most parts of the world today, had its root from this very one on the pics below.

current price of keke napep in Nigeria

However, coming down to Nigeria, it becomes evident that Nigeria has not always had Keke Napep as a means of commercial transportation. How did it all begin? continue reading below.

The first record of tricycle in Nigeria dates back to the 1990s, in the military government of Buba Marwa, in Lagos state, under the dictatorial rulership of the late Sani Abacha.

Before this time, the major means of commercial transportation was Taxis and buses.

As the population of Nigerians increased, Buba Marwa as mentioned above introduced Keke Napep into Lagos, and at such, it was then called Keke Marwa, named after that military dictator.

Shortly after this period, during the rulership of Olusegun Obasanjo, the name was changed to KEKE N.A.P.E.P at the time that the National Agency For Poverty Eradication Program was starting up newly.

In this period, Dr. Magnus Kpakol, the leader of the group imported Keke Napep into Lagos state in large quantity, as a means of reducing the rate of poverty in the polity through job creation.

However, the popularity of Keke Napep didn’t begin until 2012 when Okada was officially banned across the Nigerian states.

From this point, Keke Napep has continued to enjoy this name in Nigeria, even as it now enjoys nationwide acceptance as the major means of street transportation.

Even when it has its ups and lows, its affordability continues to make it the people’s favorite.

Brands Of Keke Napep In Nigeria

Just like we have different brands of cars that come with different shapes and sizes, that’s also how we have different brands of Keke Napep in Nigeria that come in different shapes and colors.

This is not unconnected to the level of popularity that Keke Napep now enjoys in the transportation system of Nigeria.

While there are diverse brands of Keke Napep in Nigeria, we will attempt to list the most popular brands here in order to guide you in making the best choice, should you intend to buy one tomorrow.


For anybody that is into transportation businesses, the name Bajaj will not by any means be new to him.

This is so because Bajaj has been able to make a name for themselves in the automobile industry, especially in Keke Napep.

The company produces the most market and pocket-friendly Keke Napep. This reason alone explains why many Nigerians see it as the best choice for them.


Because Keke Napep is mostly used for commercial purposes, one key area that people look out for when buying a Keke Napep is fuel consumption efficiency.

In this regard, the Piaggio brand of Keke Napep tops the list, without a doubt. The companies selling point is actually in the area of fuel efficiency and management.

Hence, the reason most Nigerians go for it. Even when it also has its lows, the fuel management mechanism duly covers for those.


Even when you may not have heard of the Keke brand Suzuki, you cannot deny the fact that you have heard of the car brand Suzuki right?

Suzuki brands are known globally for their superior quality. Hence, given the rough roads in most Nigerian cities, the only brand that can conveniently ride through these roads is the Suzuki brand, even when it may be somewhat more expensive than the other products.

Suzuki Keke Napep still remains one of the best brands out there in Nigeria, as long as Keke Napep is concerned.

Some Other Brands To Look Out For

While the brands that we listed above may appear to be the top 3 Keke brands in Nigeria, they are however not the only once in place. The other brands to look out for includes:

  1. TVS Keke Napep
  2. Daylong Keke Napep
  3. Vespa Keke Napep

Price Of Brand New Keke Napep In Nigeria

Because Nigeria is among the top countries of the world with the highest rate of Keke Napep importation and usage, one can only expect the price of it to also be on the high side.

This explains the reason why the price of Keke Napep has consistently been on the increase.

In this section, we have compiled a list of the current price of Keke Napep in Nigeria.

Below is the current 2020 price of brand new Keke Napep in Nigeria, as obtained from the official Keke vendors across the Nigerian cities.

1. Bajaj Keke Napep: N600,000-N850,000

2. Piaggio Keke Napep: N550,000-N700,000

3. Daylong Keke Napep: N500,000-N600,000

4. TVS Keke Napep: N600,000-N670,000

Note that the above is the current price of Keke Napep in Nigeria in 2020. Also, the prices above are the average price that we got from random sellers at the time of writing this article.

However, the price can be lower or higher depending on the place and time of purchase.

Price of Fairly Used / Second-New Keke Napep In Nigeria

For those that cannot afford the brand new Keke Napep, going for a fairly used one or for the category of Keke Napep that we call second-new in Nigeria is never bad.

This is because it saves cost and almost gives you the same experience as the new one.

Proceeding from the above observation, let’s consider the prices of fairly used Keke Napep in Nigeria.

1. Bajaj: N200,000-N350,000

2. Piaggio: N250,000-N300,000

3. Daylong: N300,000

4. TVS: N180,000-N350,000

Note: The prices above could vary depending on the individual seller and location of buying. Hence, it can only serve as a starting point for your negotiation.

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I have seen a fairly used Keke Napep that is still very clean that was sold for N150,000 because the owner needed urgent money for something. So you see, you can always get a better deal anywhere, depending on the circumstance.

Where to Buy Fairly Used Keke Napep in Nigeria

You can get a fairly used and cheap Keke Napep through various online sources. These online platforms include:

  1. Jiji
  2. Cheki

Aside from these online platforms, you can see a fairly used Keke Napep at the mechanic workshop or bus stop closest to you.

Also, on the street, you are likely to see Keke Napep for sale. They always have the “for sale” notice on them, indicating that they are for sale.

Things To Look Out For When Buying Keke Napep

As a general rule, there are certain things that a rational man must consider critically before making that purchase, in order to reduce regret afterward. Some of the basic of these includes:

1. Budget: In Nigeria, given the state of the economy, it’s of great importance to first consider the cost of a particular brand of Keke Napep.

While they come in different price ranges, you wouldn’t want to break the bank before you can buy one, would you? Hence, you should go for the Keke Napep within the price range that you can afford comfortably.

2. Brand: Just like we said above, there are different Keke Napep brands out there. While some are known for durability, others are really not too good.

Hence, you should make your findings to know if the brand you are buying has a surname (brand authority).

3. Fuel Consumption: Some Keke brands like Piaggio is known for their fuel efficiency management. Hence, you should consider going for the Keke that does not consume much fuel, as this will save you a great deal of money in the future.

The Availability Of Spare Parts: Believe me, nothing could be as frustrating as buying a product with no availability of spare parts.

This goes to Keke Napep too. Because it’s a mechanical material, you must know that its parts will regularly be having issues that will require replacements.

You wouldn’t want to be going online to place orders for the parts that you need, would you?

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Haven considered all these, you may want to consider the cost of Keke Napep in Lagos state, because Lagos is the place where you can easily get the best deals on Keke Napep in Nigeria.

That’s all on the current price of Keke Napep in Nigeria

I hope this our detailed guide on the current price of Keke in Nigeria was helpful to you?




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