Ultimate Guide to Mini Importation in Nigeria

Mini importation business is one of the ways to make crazy money both online or offline.

Unfortunately, not many persons know of this.

The few persons that do, wish to start, but don’t know how to go about it.

If you search online on HOW TO START A MINI IMPORTATION BUSINESS IN NIGERIA, I am sure you will find so many articles on it.

In fact, I also wrote one on this blog. Here is the link to the article: 9guiders.com/how-to-start-a-mini-importation-business-in-nigeria/

The truth is, no matter how those articles are detailed, there are certain tips and secrets on starting Mini Importation business in Nigeria that you will never find in any of those articles.

And the reason is simple, some of us paid heavily just to learn it, as such, we can’t just publish these secrets online for free.

If you have made many attempts to buy PDF before on mini importation, you would have realized that they didn’t really give you what you wanted.

Yes, they may have outlined all the steps you need to start your mini importation business, but beyond that, they were not available to give you a one on one guidance.

I know this because I was there. 

I got a course that cost 20,000 Naira on how to start a mini importation in Nigeria and consumed it morning till night like every other person desperate in making cool money would have done.

But I discovered something, that despite the fact that the course delivered on the promise on showing me every detail on how to go about my mini importation business, they however withheld the contacts I need to get started.

In fact, they were charging an additional 50,000 NAIRA FOR AN ADVANCED COURSE where they will probably release the contacts to the foreign agents I needed to get started.

For someone like me way back then that 50,000 Naira was like a million to, I couldn’t pay.

I had to get the agents’ numbers another way (in a not-funny way though).

The truth is that, to successfully order for products from CHINA, and it gets to your address in Nigeria, you will need certain trusted contacts over there in China and here in Nigeria.

YES, China. 

For you to buy foreign products and sell it in Nigeria to make huge profits, you must get these products from China.

To cut my long story short, I quickly delved right into mini importation without having anyone I could consult when I got stuck or confused.

After 2 to 3 transactions, I learned a very bitter lesson, which would have been avoided if I had someone I could turn to when I am confused.

To say that I learned mini importation the hard way after making many losses is an understatement.

Well, I did.

Thanks to God, I am now a pro in it. Not just that, I also now offer proper guidance to people on it.

Sorry about the long stories.

My point is that I can offer you the proper guidance on how to start your mini importation business in Nigeria, and also give you all my contacts.

NOT FOR FREE though, but at a cheaper price.


  1. Where to import items from in China

  2. Sellable products – How to identify a product that will sell in Nigeria

  3. How to get products at the lowest possible price

  4. How to select products to make a profit

  5. How to ship your products to your destination

  6. How to sell your products online

  7. How to deliver your products to customers

In addition, I will give you all my contacts, and give you some tips that will help you not to lose any money in this business.


It is very easy to make any of those courses and be selling online like others are doing, but they will not be of much help to you because you will certainly get stranded and confused at a point in time, and won’t have who to turn to.

How Much Can You Make From Mini Importation

You can make as low as 5,000 Naira profit per product to as much as 20,000 Naira profit per product.

Now imagine if you order 20 products and sell all of them within one month, and your profit is 10,000 Naira per product.

You would have made a whopping profit of 200,000 Naira for a total of 20 products for that month.

Believe me, there is money in this business if you are really serious about making it.

How Much Do You Need To Start A Mini Importation Business in Nigeria?

The amount all depends on you.

You can start with 20,000 Naira or less.

I have helped a few persons start with as low as 12,000 Naira.

Hence, the amount to start with is entirely up to you and what you have. You can even partner with your friend if you wish.

Where Will The Class Hold?

This one on one class will hold on a WhatsApp Private Group.

Hence, location is not a barrier to any person, provided you have a WhatsApp on your phone, you are qualified to join this class.

The PRIVATE WHATSAPP GROUP is where I will take time to teach you all you need to know one on one, and always be there to answer your questions and help you out till you master the very art of mini importation and selling online.

Don’t’ worry, it’s not that type of Whatsapp group you know.

This one, each private class group won’t have more than 5 participants.

Hence, everyone will fully be carried along, and every question, concern, and worries will be carefully attended to.

What Will It Cost You?

It will cost you just 5,000 Naira to join my private class.

I hope this is fair enough for you, considering the amount other persons will charge you to show you what I am to show you.

I know how hard things are in Nigeria, that is why I am charging you an amount I know anybody serious in making money can easily afford.

Besides, with what I will show you, you can easily start your own online class and be making your own money (Not recommended though. At least, do the business for up to 12 months before you claim authority and start teaching people).

That being said, if you are ready, follow the simple steps below.


Make the payment of  ₦5,000 (Five Thousand Naira Only) to the below account details.

Payment to Bank | ATM or Mobile Transfer

Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name: Effiong Emmanuel

Account Number: 0483423887

Amount: ₦5,000


After payment, send an email message containing YOUR NAME, WHATSAPP NUMBER, and Date of payment to:
[email protected]

After your payment is confirmed, you will be added to the private class on Whatsapp.

See you at the top.

For inquiries, chat with us on Facebook with this link: https://m.me/9guiders1

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