What Is Google Search Engine Election Manipulation?

Google search engine election manipulation is the ability of Google to cause a change in the voting preference of voters who are undecided during an election period by manipulating the search results on their search engine.

On several occasions, Google has been accused of manipulating elections but they have denied involvement on all occasions.

Google can fancy a certain election candidate and then tweak the search rankings to favour that candidate since rankings on the Google search engine has a great influence in the preference of voters on candidates.

On August 2015, the complaint and lawsuit by European regulators on Google left them facing the possibility of a $6 billion fine and sanctions that could restrict their activities.

It is no doubt that Google has records of people and nations all over the world which gives them the ability to effect certain changes in society and election.

Certain political candidates, especially in countries like the United States of America were accused of employing Google staff as their election technical officers in order to manipulate their votes through the google search engine.

Although there has not been any proof.


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