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What To Do If Your WAEC Result Is Withheld In 2020

If you registered for the 2018/2019 West African Examination Council WAEC, and you are having some issues with your WAEC result, seeing some languages on the result checking portal like WAEC result withheld, etc, and you are feeling frightened, and not knowing what to do, worry no more, because this article was designed to show you everything you should know about this specific WAEC problem and the way forward.

This article titled What To Do If Your WAEC Result Is Withheld In 2019 is a detailed article which seeks to help present to the students, all the information and trending updates about WAEC withheld results.

In it, we will attempt to deal with issues like: When will WAEC release the withheld results? What is the latest updates on WAEC held results? Will WAEC ever release the 2019 held results? The latest news about WAEC withheld results, and much more.


All that is required from you is to just follow our analysis meticulously, and in no sooner time, you will have all the information you ever need to know about WAEC 2019/2020 withheld results.

Are you ready? Good!!! But before that, lets try to establish a background for the benefit of those who may not know what WAEC is all about.

West African Examination Council: A Quick Background

The west African examination council WAEC was established in 1952. It is an educational board that is in charge of managing some strategic examinations in the West African states of Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Leone.

The WAEC certificate is a highly respectable certificate both within and outside the shores of Africa, and at such, the demand for it is usually high.

This examination council is not only saddled with the responsibility of conducting the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, but also the junior school certificate examination, which is used to gain admission into senior secondary schools within the anglophone west African states.

It should be mentioned here that WAEC is usually conducted two times annually, the first one being on May-June while the second one starts by November to December.

Also, within the countries that it exist for, no person can be admitted into universities without a WAEC result or its equivalent. That goes to show you how important the WAEC result is.

Why Did WAEC Withhold My Result?

Its no longer news that in each year, WAEC normally withhold the result of many students. Hence, a lot of students have been left in the dark, wondering why WAEC chose to withhold their results.

Based on the official statement by a WAEC official who spoke on condition of anonymity, he said that WAEC withhold results if they feel that a particular WAEC examination center was compromised, on the grounds of exam malpractice.

Consequently, for the whole affected students, each of them have to go through a series of personal scrutiny. Any of the students that passes this litmus test will have his result released, while the ones who fail in this test may never see their WAEC result again, until the resit for it in the coming years.

This fact was made in response to the popular sayings by some affected students that WAEC withheld results when they discover that students generally did well, and by way of limiting this, the resort to withholding results.

The truthfulness of such assertion is practically beyond the scope of this article anyways.

Penalties For WAEC Examination Malpractice

If you have ever imagined what the penalties of engaging in examination malpractice in WAEC  could be, below is the few penalties as reviewed by WAEC. They include:

  • The result of the candidates in view may be canceled completely, once WAEC has established a case of malpractice against them
  • If the malpractice case was reported on specific subjects, then WAEC can cancel the subjects in view.
  • Depending on the severity of the reported case of malpractice, a candidate can suffer further losses like a suspension from registering WAEC for a specific number of years.

When will WAEC Release My Withheld Result?

The affected students all over have been asking us this same question above, seeking to know when WAEC will release their withheld result. Well, there is no straight forward answer to this.

Just like i said earlier, Once your WAEC result is withheld, the board usually try to review your specific case, and make a decision base on that.

Hence, there can’t be any specific answer to this as the process that your application takes to be reviewed by WAEC may be between a few weeks to a couple of months.

All you should do at this point is to patiently wait for the council to decide on your case. After the decision, they can either release your result or withhold it forever.

Generally, WAEC do release withheld results before the release of JAMB admission lists. This is done so that students will not on account of that miss their admission into universities.

However, while you wait for them to take their decision on your case, you may not really know whether they have released your result or not.

Hence, on it, i recommend waiting for 3 months from the release date of WAEC, and start checking your result via this link here.

The link above should be checked at least twice par month. And while checking it, make sure to be mindful of your scratch card, because you can only use it for 5 times before it expires.

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