full meaning of withheld and outstanding waec result

Meaning Of Held, Withheld And Outstanding on WAEC Result

This post attempt to expose you to the meaning of some common West African Examination Council WAEC acronyms that you may not have known about.

We have strong hope that you will find it useful. Without spending more time, let’s get started.

We all know that WAEC is an exam which is usually taken annually by all graduating secondary school students from West Africa.

This being the case, one would naturally expect the value of WAEC to be quite high. Honestly, nothing could be as sweet as passing your WAEC exam because without which, you may not have access to proceed for any higher education.

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Consequently, When the WAEC results are finally released, the high hopes of many students become shattered.

Students generally go online to check their WAEC results. While some persons will come out being very happy about their performance in the exam, others will simply see that they failed a couple of subjects in the exam.

Some on the other hand, will not be able to know their fate due to the use of certain terms from the WAEC online portal which mostly obscures the students, leaving them with nothing but confused.

My concern in this article is about this last category of persons, the ones that have not known whether they passed or failed the WAEC exam, because of certain languages which we shall attempt to explain in this article presently.

Hence, this article only seeks to explain all the common WAEC acronyms that you may have seen on the WAEC result checker portal.

The reason is simply to help you understand what each of those terms stands for, and how they apply to your specific case. Hence, without expending more time, let’s get started.

What Does It Mean To Have A Withheld WAEC Result?

In this section, I will attempt to give you a detailed analysis of the meaning of the commonly seen WAEC acronyms, usually for students experiencing one or more issues with their WAEC result.

Some of the questions that we will attempt to answer include: Why is my WAEC result withheld? What does WAEC withheld result mean?

What does outstanding WAEC result mean? This frequently asked questions amongst WAEC candidates with no ready-made answers engendered the writing of this article. Lets attempt to answer these questions briefly.

The Meaning Of Withheld Waec Result?

Any time that you go to check your WAEC result via their online checking portal and you read something like “this result is withheld” then know that there is a read flag somewhere.

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This mostly happens when almost all the persons in a particular center have almost exactly the same score in all the subjects.

You know, in a normal condition, its practically impossible for a class of 50 persons to have the same score in all the subjects, even if they were all under the same tutor.

Hence, when this happens, WAEC usually becomes suspicious of that WAEC center in question.

What happens is that all the persons under this center will have their WAEC result withheld. One question that we have seen students ask several times is will WAEC later release my WAEC result?

Well, there is no direct answer to this question.

WAEC will have to test each of the results from the suspicious center and will decide each case on its own merit.

Any result that passes this scrutiny will have to be released, while the ones that fail in this scrutiny may never be released again.

A Held WAEC Result

“Please help, my WAEC result portal is writing a held WAEC result.” What is the meaning of a held WAEC result?

Lets look at the meaning of a help WAEC result briefly.

At times students usually think that a Held and Withheld WAEC result both means the same thing.

But no, they mean totally different things in this context. If you see a Held WAEC result in your WAEC result checker, you should know that it represents an example of examination malpractice.

A held WAEC result often happens when an examiner lives a bad remark on the exam script of a candidate, usually because of malpractice or other academic misconduct.

The future release of such results is really unlikely, because the affected students may not be there to defend themselves when the decision is to be taken.

An Outstanding WAEC Result

Some students have asked, what does it mean to have an outstanding WAEC result?

If you are reading this, chances are that you may have encountered this problem or know a person who has had outstanding WAEC results in one or more subjects.

An outstanding result simply means that the affected student’s scores have not been concluded by the examiners.

It could be because the extra sheet that the student wrote his exams on is missing, or the student couldn’t put all the needed information like his registration number in the required locations in certain subjects.

Hence, his results in the subjects in view could not be compiled.

No Result For This Person In The Specified Year

What if you go to a computer center to check your WAEC  result just to see “sorry no result for this person in the specified year, what does it really mean?

This simply means that the result of the candidate in view was canceled by the WAEC governing board.

This particular issue mostly happens to people who registered their WAEC in some specialized centers. We all know that some special centers are nothing but cheat centers, and even the WAEC board knows about this.

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Once a case of malpractice is reported to the WAEC board by any of its official invigilators against any WAEC center, the WAEC instantly cancels all the results from that center in that giving year.

So guys, that is it for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading through it?




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